EBS Children’s Therapy Programs

Great FEATs
Preparing for Adulthood: A therapeutic program for adults that fosters exploration of new interests!
Munch Bunch Cooking Class
A Feeding Therapy Group: A cooking class that will empower your child to explore new foods by preparing, cooking, and (maybe even!) tasting new foods.

Feeling and Friends: Ages 3-5
Social Explorers: Ages 5-7
Socialables: Ages 8-12
Social Skills will empower your child to become an independent thinker, problem solver, and learner, as well as a better communicator. We have groups for ages 3-12 years old.

Stepping Stones
A Parent and Toddler Playtime: A therapeutically driven, inclusive playtime for parents/caregivers and children from 18-36 months.

Zen-sory Yoga
An Occupational Therapy Group: Your child will learn basic yoga poses and breaths, as well as participate in games that facilitate coordination, balance, core strength, proprioception, self-regulation, body awareness and more.

Parent Workshops
Join our experts as they share hands-on practical knowledge and evidence-based tools that can help you navigate your child’s growth and development.